When we bought the truck in June 2017 we only had 3 weeks to make it into a camper and get my (Koos) drivers licence! First we had to clean it properly and think up some ideas to get it ready for the holiday… should Koos get his licence! But we were optimistically and started getting the truck ready. We had running water (15 liter tank) in an old sink from the T4 built into an old desk, a chemical toilet (new for € 25,- on the internet) and a bed on wooden blocks so all the stuff could go under the bed.


Literally the day of our departure Koos got his licence and we were able to load up the remaining stuff. Two chairs, one table, 2 bikes and all the flying gear and off we went. Obviously it turned out that having no cupboards at all and loads of boxes under the bed and stacked under the sink, we were again moving stuff around all the time. But it gave us an immediate idea of what we did NOT want. So that was good. What the Zen Van looked like from the inside? Take the tour:


The loading platform turned out to be our perfect private terrace but also worked as an outside kitchen worktop and table to sit around. Mickey, our cat took some time to get used to it though but as long as she had her chair, she knew where home was.

We brought a sketching book with us and started drawing the next edition while enjoying beautiful Slovenia and Croatia.