As explained before here, we decided that we needed to build a new box because of the weight and insulation challenges and weaker construction of the old box. We left this job to Camperbouw Holland who from the first moment on proved to be an excellent partner for us. Because of their experience, they had good ideas on how to build a box to our specific needs and challenged us on our wishlist in a pleasant and helpful way.

Like most people, they questioned why on earth we wanted to hang on to this loading platform that was quite heavy. But you can only understand the fun of it when you experience the ‘terrace feeling’ of it with a cool beer in your hand overlooking the ocean. Not having to sit in dirt when it has rained, and having a big table for friends to sit around and enjoy a meal and stories about travelling and flying.

Also, it is a very secure door at the back that blocks out curious eyes as we will have double glazed doors opening onto the terrace and you might want to – every now and then – not show what’s inside. Last but not least, let’s take mom with us for a ride!

We delivered our Zen Van to Wim and Wil (you mostly see him in action in the video below) in September 2018 and we were able to work on some rust and other little jobs that now could be accessed easily as the old box was taken down. There was a lot of thinking and calculating involved on the design of the box because of the doors at the back. It demanded extra reinforcements through a steel frame on the back side and special hard foam in the sandwich panels in various places. Also, we had to figure out how to make it less high and wide. In the end, we decided to have the subframe pressed into the floor panel.

The outside measurement of the box finally was brought back to: 229 cm wide, 228 high and we added the much desired alcove. Not for a bed (although friends can come and stay over ;-)) but as storage area for our flying gear. The sandwich panels are 5 cm thick; the floor 8 cm. Finally, the building of the box started early 2019 and it took about 3 months to finish it. See here the first part of the building process.

Then there is the question of how to make the box in such a way that it can be removed from the truck for transportation in a sea container. A special construction was connected to the chassis and the bottom of the box so that it can stand independently on 4 legs. It does take some drivers’ skill to connect the truck to the box!

So in January 2019 finally the building process started. We brought 2 months of work back to a timelaps of 2 minutes. Enjoy!

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